Call of Duty: Black Opps II: How to Create a Gum Paste Gun, grenade, and bullets.

Hello everyone

I hope everyone is doing well . I’m going to tell you how to make a Call of Duty Black Opps cake. I didn’t know what Call of Duty Black Opps ll was until a friend asked, “What is Call of Duty Black Opps ll? ” I probably should have looked it up before I did so I could learn more about what Call of Duty Black Opps ll.  I have decided to start doing research on every cake I make. It sure will help me make a more accurate cake. I strive for customer satisfaction with a smile and now I will also strive for accuracy.

The first thing I started working on was the gun. I used black gum paste.  I was thinking about buying a mold to do the gun but I didn’t think I would get it on time so I took a box from a cookie mix to make the perfect rectangle I needed for the barrel of the gun. Once I had a perfect rectangle, I cut it in half and clued with edible clue. It gave it the desired look I needed for the barrel of the gun.  I used the same box to make the handle of the gun. I started adding the details to the gun. Using various cake tools and unconventional tools that I have retired to a new cake tool. The retired clean rewards card has a new job as a cake tool. I used the card to make the lines in the gun. I shaped the trigger then clued it to the gun. I was fairly easy to make the gun. Once the gun was finished, I took some sliver dust and dry dusted the gun. Dry dusted means: to take a dry brush and petal dust and the dust the item with the powder.



For the grenade, I used the gray fondant.  I shaped the ball of gray fondant into the shape of the grenade. I used the orange knife tool to carve the lines in the grenade. I went over the lines molding stick to give the lines more depth. The tool in the picture below is what I used to make the groves in the grenade. I added the lever and the ring to the grenade.  I waited 24 hours to dry dust with the silver powder to the grenade.



Now I’m to make the bullets.  I used ivory gum paste and gold spray to make the bottom of the bullets.  I used brown gum paste and cinnamon brown for the top of the bullets. I took a very small piece of the ivory and rolled it into a ball and I flattened it. I rolled another ball of ivory and a much bigger(approximately 1/4″) piece of the gum paste and rolled it into a cylinder.  I clued the flattened piece of gum paste to the ivory cylinder.  I took the ink cartridge out of the pen container to make the little circle on the bottom of the bullets.  I took 1/3″ brown ball and I rolled it to form a point at one end and flat on the other so it will sit on top of the ivory cylinder. I clued everything together and let it dry. I put the cinnamon petal dust in a bowl with the vanilla.  then painted the brown end of the bowl. I sprayed the gold into the lid of the spray and painted the bottom of the ivory end of the bullets.  I rolled out black gum paste and used pizza cutter to cut the black coth that holds the bullets together.  I put in on front and back of the bullets.



I wasn’t sure that I could make the camouflage fondant.  I watched a couple different videos to see how others made camouflage.  I decided to take some of the ivory and brown fondant I had left over from the wedding cake I made for my sister. I grated the 3 different color greens and a tan corlor on top of the ivory and brown fondant I rolled out. I pressed the grated fondant into the rolled out fondant.  It didn’t look right so I rolled it out again. When I started rolling out the fondant a second time,  it started looking so much better.  I couldn’t believe my eyes.  I added some more of the different greens and the tan. It turned out great.



I was happy with the gun, grenade and the bullets.  Everything came out so good even the camouflage fondant.  I was scared boy I was scared.  I know it’s just a cake and I know that the customer will like the cake whether it’s covered in brown or camouflage. I am a perfectionist so it all has to be just right or I’m not happy. The customer was very happy with the cake.  

Thank you for taking time out of your day to read my blog.  I hope and pray each and everyone of you have a very blessed day.  

Here is the final product.


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Basket and Pail of Sunflowers: How to Wedding Cake

Hey everyone I sure hope all is well. I was going to post about my the cake I started for my granddaughter,  but im s so proud of how the wedding cake I made for my sister. I ask someone that was at the wedding how they like my cake and they didnt say anything about it.  I pointed out the en cake and he said D he thought it was a basket of flowers.

I have to say that tis is my favorite cake. I made the sunflowers out of fondant and Tylose powder.  The Tylose makes the items hard. I took the yellow box of fndant and dipped it in Tylose powder and wokred it into the fndant good. I rolled the fondant out to about 1/4 of an inch thick.

There are 3 different daisy cookie cutter. To make a large flower I cut out 2 sets of petals.  Once all the flowers are cut out, I use the ball tool to make the petals bigger. You will drag ball from top to bottom nd you will do te same with the veining tool. Now all this is finished, you will glue the flowers together.

Now it’s time to make the center of the flower. You will need a flowers nd leaf impression mat. You can dust with cornstarch or powder sugar. You will want t roll out a 3/4 inch n all of brown fondant and press the brown ball into the  large daisy center.  Glue with royal icing or with tylose powder with water added to it. You don’t want the tylose too thick. You will repeat the these steps with the medium and small sunflowers. 

Now baking the cake. I had to bake the top to cakes (cake for pail) over. They broke down. I baked all cake on 325 for about 30 to 45 minutes. You have to make sure that you beat the cake for 2 minutes after ingredients is combined.  If you don’tdn it will come apart and you want to make sure it bakes a little longer than usual.  You need a firm cake not a fluffy cake. Fluffy cake won’t hold up.

Like I said above, I had trouble with the cake for the pail. I started to frost the cake and it started breaking down. On the bottom yellow cake, I tried to find something that was about 7 inches to put on the top of the cake so I would have a guide to how much cake to cut off the bottom of the pail so it would look more like a pail. You want the bottom smaller at the bottom of the pail than on the top.

Now we want to make the basket to look lke wood. The easiest way I found nd used was when I took ivory fondant and brown fondant to make wht wood. I took 2 logs of ivory fondant on each side of the brown and I pulled it t untill it was blended just enough to make it look like the wood. I covered the tier with the fondant then I cut out boards. I placed the boards on the cake but only do small amouts of ivo or y for boards because if you don’t it will become mixed together too much.  You will lose the grain of the wood look.

For the pail, you will want light gray for pail, silver spray food color, and may want the silver petal dust with the vanilla in it. I sprayed the silver spray in a bowl, but I suggest using a sea sponge.  I believe if I had a sea sponge it would have looked better. The reason I used the silver petal dust was because for some reason the silver spray I ut n the gray made it looked blue so te petal dust gave it a silver look. I know when I used silver spray on my granddaughter’s cake and it was silver.

Well for the ivy I wrapped wire in foral tape. I cut leaves  and use the leaves impression mat to give the viens look.

Well that’s an over view of the wedding cake I made my sister. Ido on hope we you enjoyed it and I hope you like this wedding cake. I will post the cake I made for my granddaughter.  Thank you for stopping by my blog and I hope you have a blessed day!



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Buttercream Continued

Buttercream Consistency

The consistency of the buttercream depends on the decorations you will be making.

Stiff Consistency

Use stiff icing to make and flowers that have upright petals, such as roes and sweet peas. If the icing is too thick it will cake and if it is not thick enough the flower petals will droop.

Medium Consistency

Medium consistency icing is to be use for boarders, figure piping and flowers that lay flat such as drop flowers and swirl flowers. To get stiff icing you will add one teaspoon of water or milk to each cup of of the stiff icing ( add an additional teaspoon water or milk when using a the full recipe. Make sure to blend it well.

Thin Consistency

Finally, you will use the thin consistency for writing, vines, leaves and icing the cake. You will want to add 2 teaspoons of water or milk to the stiff consistency icing (for full recipe you will add an additional 2 tablespoons of water or milk.

Ready-to-use decorating icing has the consistency for decorating. It’s a time saving option, but more expensive. You can buy the icing at some retail stores, at a craft store and you can buy it online. Canned icing that you use for the every day cake is too thin to decorate with.

There is a creamy white buttercream icing mix. You can get it at any retail store, craft store, and online. The buttercream icing is another option for making decorating buttercream fast. You just add butter of shortening, and milk. The icing mix will yield 1½ – 2 cups of buttercream –– it will be just enough icing to cover an 8 inch cake.

You can also purchased tube decorating icing. Tube icing is good for adding a small amount of color to your cake.

This wraps up the consistency of buttercream,

Next time I will tell you about the the different decorating bags (featherweight and disposable bags), the coupler, preparing featherweight and disposable bags, filling closing featherweight and disposable bag.

We need to cover all if this and more before I star posting pictures of the cakes I have done and how I made them. These topics are a must know because you need to know about buttercream.

If you want to see the cakes I made or live in Clinton, and need a cake you can visit:

Thank you for visiting and reading my blog and God Bless each and everyone of you.