A different kind of cake: Diaper Cake

Hello everyone

I am going to talk about a different kind of cake (diaper cake) because it’s what I wanted to do for my son and his girlfriend’s baby shower. I’ve never made a diaper cake  in my life. I didn’t want to make just a diaper cake so I made a diaper carriage.  


I want to remind you that it’s Tuesday, may 5th. This is when I get the call about my mom and I’m working on the diaper cake when my Aunt Sissy calls.


I used approximately 70 diapers, 3 receiving blanket, rubber bands, safety pins and some ribbon. It’s really not that expensive to make. I spent $15 for 104 diapers, and I think $8.00 for the blankets. I bought all the other items at a discount store.


I used 30 for the base of the diaper carriage. I put rubber bads around 15 of the diapers and then I put 2 – 15 rows of diapers side by side and then I wrapped them in a receiving blanket. I folded the blanket so that the blanket would fold up on the sides so that I can take a big rubber around the side. Once all that was done, I took about 8 diapers laid them flat on a receiving blanket and fold the blanket up. I took these diapers wrapped in the blanket and wrapped it around the front of the carriage base but let it peek over the top edge of the carriage base. This gave it the look of an actual carriage. Now for the cover that you pull over to keep the sun out of the baby’s eyes. I used baby wipes that come in the plastic container. I wrap a rubber band around the wipes and the base of the carriage. I take some diapers and tape the diapers on the wipes and this can be a little tricky because you have to put double sided tape on the front edge of the diapers. You want to let the diapers to hang over the edge of the wipes like I did on the base to give it a lip. You will wrap the 3rd blanket around the back and the front but when you get to front you want to put double stick tape on the front edge so you can push it up under the diapers and put double stick tape on the front of the wipes that way you can push the blanket against the tape and then tuck the blanket under the wipes. Finally, you will pin it under the carriage and wrap ribbon around the carriage.


Now to the wheels, you will need a round cake pan, and 8 diapers for each wheel. I start out using the pan but in the end I wrap the diapers around so that I can make it tight. I take a rubber band and wrap it around the diapers. I took some ribbon and cut it to the size of the each tire. Wrap ribbon around each tire and pinned the ribbon to te tire. I was not sure how to attach the wheels so this is why i pinned the wheels to the base of the carriage.


 I could have used yarn, some type of string or ribbon to attach base but the yarn would show on the front wheels unless I used a 4th receiving blanket as if it was covering a baby. Im not sure how it would because it would have to cover the bottom half of the carriage.


This is how I put the carriage together. Itwas my first and it won’t be my last. I enjoyed putting this carriage, making the cake and helping putting together the baby shower.  This helped me get my mind off my mother and my son.

My next blog is aboutt a real cake.  I have made a Dora cake and a Georgia cake. I hope you enjoyed the blog today.  I hope each and everyone has a blessed day. Thank you for taking time out of your day to read my blog.

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