How to make Modeling chocolate/clay

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I’ve been researching how to make modeling chocolate and how you use it. I’ve watched a couple of videos and read a few blogs.  It’s pretty easy to make but when working it you can’t use it like fondant. 

This is all you need to make modeling chocolate/clay.  You can use candy melts to make make modeling clay. You can use white chocolate, milk chocolate or dark chocolate to make modeling chocolate.

How to Make Modeling Chocolate

12 ounces of Candy Melts/chocolate/white chocolate
1/4 cup of corn syrup

Put you candy melts or chocolate in a microwave safe bowl. Melt the candy melts according to the directions on the package instructions. You also need to know that each microwave is different. It should take around 1 1/2 minutes but you need to do it in 30 seconds at a time until it is smooth.  It can’t have any lumps at all.

Now you need to add a 1/4 cup of corn syrup to the melted chocolate or candy melts. I have read on a couple of blogs to heat the corn syrup and on a couple of blogs that it’s not necessary to heat the corn syrup. If you heat corn syrup,  you will noticed its easier to o pour out. Some also spray the cup to make the syrup easier to pour out. You will have to use a bit more corn syrup than in the chocolate.  Just add a tablespoon at a time but make sure not to over work. I still have more research on the chocolate.  If using chocolate,  you can Google “How to make modeling chocolate. ”

Once you pour the corn syrup into chocolate/candy melts, you will start to fold the syrup in slowly.  You don’t want to under stir and you don’t want to over stir the modeling chocolate/clay. It takes a matter of seconds for the modeling chocolate/clay to come together. Just make sure when it starts getting thick then you know it there. If you over stir the modeling chocolate/clay the oils will separate from chocolate/candy. It will start to crumble.

When it comes together,  you can pour the mixture on to some plastic wrap or parchment paper.  I have read that after a couple hours you can start to use the modeling chocolate/clay, but its better to let it stand over night. It will become very hard over nigt. You still have to worry about over working the modeling chocolate/clay. I noticed that after I broke a piecee of he modeling chocolate/clay off and started working it, the modeling chocolate/clay become very soft. When rolling it into a ball in between my palms,  the chocolate/clay was holding the details of my handprint.  It was also hard to hold when trying to shape it. When holding with my fingers,  it was pushing in on the clay making a hole.  I’ve been working with it and discover that if you break it off then start rolling in a ball. Don’t work it like the fondant. If it becomes very soft then let it sit for a while, then start forming again. I find if I rub it with my fingers helps it to not soften as much

If you want the modeling chocolate/clay to be firmer, then you will use less corn syrup.  I’m still researching how much syrup to use to make the modeling chocolate/clay firmer.  I have found a website that helps you with the measurements. Checkout this website to help with the measurements for making firmer modeling chocolate/clay.

I do hope you will try making modeling chocolate/clay. I will continue to work with the modeling chocolate/clay and learn more about how to use it. I will teach you what I learn. Hopefully by the time I learn more about using the modeling chocolate/clay, I’ll be able to give a video.

I hope you enjoyed reading my blog today. I’m definitely enjoy learning about it. May God Bless each and everyone of yoy. Thank you for taking time out of your day to read my blog.

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Buttercream Continued

Buttercream Consistency

The consistency of the buttercream depends on the decorations you will be making.

Stiff Consistency

Use stiff icing to make and flowers that have upright petals, such as roes and sweet peas. If the icing is too thick it will cake and if it is not thick enough the flower petals will droop.

Medium Consistency

Medium consistency icing is to be use for boarders, figure piping and flowers that lay flat such as drop flowers and swirl flowers. To get stiff icing you will add one teaspoon of water or milk to each cup of of the stiff icing ( add an additional teaspoon water or milk when using a the full recipe. Make sure to blend it well.

Thin Consistency

Finally, you will use the thin consistency for writing, vines, leaves and icing the cake. You will want to add 2 teaspoons of water or milk to the stiff consistency icing (for full recipe you will add an additional 2 tablespoons of water or milk.

Ready-to-use decorating icing has the consistency for decorating. It’s a time saving option, but more expensive. You can buy the icing at some retail stores, at a craft store and you can buy it online. Canned icing that you use for the every day cake is too thin to decorate with.

There is a creamy white buttercream icing mix. You can get it at any retail store, craft store, and online. The buttercream icing is another option for making decorating buttercream fast. You just add butter of shortening, and milk. The icing mix will yield 1½ – 2 cups of buttercream –– it will be just enough icing to cover an 8 inch cake.

You can also purchased tube decorating icing. Tube icing is good for adding a small amount of color to your cake.

This wraps up the consistency of buttercream,

Next time I will tell you about the the different decorating bags (featherweight and disposable bags), the coupler, preparing featherweight and disposable bags, filling closing featherweight and disposable bag.

We need to cover all if this and more before I star posting pictures of the cakes I have done and how I made them. These topics are a must know because you need to know about buttercream.

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Thank you for visiting and reading my blog and God Bless each and everyone of you.