My Little Pony cake — How to make My Little Pony

I want to begin by saying I’m sorry I haven’t been around in a while. I’ve been very busy. My daughter is having a baby. This baby will be my 5th grandchild.  I’m excited to see what it will be. I hope it’s a girrl because it’s what she wants. I’m can’t wait to see what the baby shower cake will be. Anyway,  it’s enough about me and now let’s get started on the “My Little Poney Cake”.

Well, this was the easiest cake of done ever. The client provided the lollipops. I bought the bubble gum. I made rainbows, very small my little pony, balloons,  stars, butterflies and diamonds. I baked cupcakes and bake a 6″,8″ and 10″ round cakes. I also made some fondant.

Creating the Rainbow
When making the rainbow,  I had to have blue, green, yellow,  orange and red fondant.  I added some tylose powder in the fondant.  You will put 1 tsp of Tylose Powder in 1 cup of fondant.  The Tylose Powder will make the fondant hard. I dyed all the fondant. I In started rolling out small pieces of each color of fondant.  I started with the with red fondant Because it was the top piece of the rainbow, then I worked my self down. Now I have the desired size I want to make the rainbow so I can roll out the fondant, measure the pieces I cut out and then cut out all the pieces for the rainbow. I clued it all together. Now that I have the rainbow created,  I need to make the clouds to clue on the ends of the rainbow.  I really wasn’t sure how to do it. I thought about using mini-marshmallows and melting them just a little. I didn’t think it would work good. I decided to use the white fondant wirh the Tylose in it. I took small pieces of fondant with Tylose powder and I would turn and pich all around the small ball of fondant.  I put three clouds on each rainbow.

Creating the butterfly
Now we finally finished the rainbows,  it’s time to get started on some butterflies.  I don’t have a butterfly cookie cutter so I went through my cookie cutter supplies to figure out how to make a butterfly.  I found 2 different size tear drop/leaf cookie cutters so I cut out to small tear drop/leafs and to extra small tear drop/ leafs. I put 1 small and one extra small on one side and 1 extra small to make one wing and the same to make the right wing.  I was happy with butterfly wings so I clued one side together nd the the other side. I then clued the two sets of wings together.  I took and rolled a small piece of fondant to make the body.  It looked good

Creating the Balloons
I created some balloons with fondant. I decided to do 6 sets of 3. I added Tylose to mt red, blue and yellow fondant. I rolled the fondant into a ball, I rolled it to make a tear, I rolled a very small piece of fondant into a ball,  flattened the ball and glued it to te end of my tear drop. Now I have the balloon made and I have to make the string to go on the balloon. I used a polymer clay tool called an “extruder” to make the string. It has different disc that you can use and there are different sizes circle/round shapes. I used the medium size round rope.

I cut diamonds, stars, and I made some apples. I put everything I made on the cupcakes and some on the cake. I put bubble gum on the cake and I put the lollipops on the top. The lollipops are very heavy.  It was cutting into the cake. I will suggest using smaller lollipops.

I did have some troble with the client.  She wanted 50 cupcakes with a 3 tier cake. I made 24 cupcakes with a 3 tier cake. I needed to charge more for what I did. I’m learning how to price my creations. There’s so much that goes into pricing a cake.

I hope you enjoyed reading my blog. May God bless all of you.

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