Call of Duty: Black Opps II: How to Create a Gum Paste Gun, grenade, and bullets.

Hello everyone

I hope everyone is doing well . I’m going to tell you how to make a Call of Duty Black Opps cake. I didn’t know what Call of Duty Black Opps ll was until a friend asked, “What is Call of Duty Black Opps ll? ” I probably should have looked it up before I did so I could learn more about what Call of Duty Black Opps ll.  I have decided to start doing research on every cake I make. It sure will help me make a more accurate cake. I strive for customer satisfaction with a smile and now I will also strive for accuracy.

The first thing I started working on was the gun. I used black gum paste.  I was thinking about buying a mold to do the gun but I didn’t think I would get it on time so I took a box from a cookie mix to make the perfect rectangle I needed for the barrel of the gun. Once I had a perfect rectangle, I cut it in half and clued with edible clue. It gave it the desired look I needed for the barrel of the gun.  I used the same box to make the handle of the gun. I started adding the details to the gun. Using various cake tools and unconventional tools that I have retired to a new cake tool. The retired clean rewards card has a new job as a cake tool. I used the card to make the lines in the gun. I shaped the trigger then clued it to the gun. I was fairly easy to make the gun. Once the gun was finished, I took some sliver dust and dry dusted the gun. Dry dusted means: to take a dry brush and petal dust and the dust the item with the powder.



For the grenade, I used the gray fondant.  I shaped the ball of gray fondant into the shape of the grenade. I used the orange knife tool to carve the lines in the grenade. I went over the lines molding stick to give the lines more depth. The tool in the picture below is what I used to make the groves in the grenade. I added the lever and the ring to the grenade.  I waited 24 hours to dry dust with the silver powder to the grenade.



Now I’m to make the bullets.  I used ivory gum paste and gold spray to make the bottom of the bullets.  I used brown gum paste and cinnamon brown for the top of the bullets. I took a very small piece of the ivory and rolled it into a ball and I flattened it. I rolled another ball of ivory and a much bigger(approximately 1/4″) piece of the gum paste and rolled it into a cylinder.  I clued the flattened piece of gum paste to the ivory cylinder.  I took the ink cartridge out of the pen container to make the little circle on the bottom of the bullets.  I took 1/3″ brown ball and I rolled it to form a point at one end and flat on the other so it will sit on top of the ivory cylinder. I clued everything together and let it dry. I put the cinnamon petal dust in a bowl with the vanilla.  then painted the brown end of the bowl. I sprayed the gold into the lid of the spray and painted the bottom of the ivory end of the bullets.  I rolled out black gum paste and used pizza cutter to cut the black coth that holds the bullets together.  I put in on front and back of the bullets.



I wasn’t sure that I could make the camouflage fondant.  I watched a couple different videos to see how others made camouflage.  I decided to take some of the ivory and brown fondant I had left over from the wedding cake I made for my sister. I grated the 3 different color greens and a tan corlor on top of the ivory and brown fondant I rolled out. I pressed the grated fondant into the rolled out fondant.  It didn’t look right so I rolled it out again. When I started rolling out the fondant a second time,  it started looking so much better.  I couldn’t believe my eyes.  I added some more of the different greens and the tan. It turned out great.



I was happy with the gun, grenade and the bullets.  Everything came out so good even the camouflage fondant.  I was scared boy I was scared.  I know it’s just a cake and I know that the customer will like the cake whether it’s covered in brown or camouflage. I am a perfectionist so it all has to be just right or I’m not happy. The customer was very happy with the cake.  

Thank you for taking time out of your day to read my blog.  I hope and pray each and everyone of you have a very blessed day.  

Here is the final product.


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