Monster High Cake: How to make with fondant

I used the decorating dough with tylose powder.  The Tylose makes the decorating dough hard. I drew 2 different size skulls on tracing paper and then I cut them out.  I laid the paper skull on top of the rolled out black and white decorating dough. I then cut out a black skull and a white skull smaller than the black one.

I used gray fondant to make the chain. I used an extruder to make a perfectly round rope. I cut the rope into pieces and I used tylose with water to make edible glue. I took the pieces and glued the ends together to make each link. I made the chain big enough to go around the top tier. I sprayed with silver spray.

I used decorating dough for the stars and hearts.  I needed really small hearts and stars so I used my rolling in to get the size I needed.  I dusted the rolling pin with powder sugar.  I rolled out the dough then pushed down around the edges of the hearts and stars to get the tiny hearts

I baked the cake as I do each time. I crumb coated and put it together. I I decorating the cake.  It was pretty easy cake to do. I have learned not to let Samantha know when I’m having her party and I’ll have it two weeks before or 2 weeks after. I ask that you pray for her and she will realize it’s about the kids not you. I know God won’t let her continue hurting my granddaughter. 
As always I appreciate you taking time out of your day to read my blog.  I hope you have a very blessed day.


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