How to make a Dora Birthday Cake

I’m going to  finally start to tell you how to make a Dora  Cake. I have all my marshmallow fondant made and colored.  Sometimes when you make the MF (Marshmallow Fondant), you may or may not need to divide the 2 batch. If you need the
2 lb batch of fondant to be one color then it is easiet to add the color to the melted marshmallows.  It will save all the kneeding you have to do making the color you want after the fondant is made.

The first think I need is a  Dora coloring book. It so happened that I had a Dora coloring cook that was my granddaughter’s.  Now I need tracing and a pencil.  I draw or trace the  to parts of Dora and Boots.  For example: I draw doras hair, I draw Dora’s face, I draw her eyes and her mouth. I draw a pattern for Boots as well.  I take the desired color of fondant and add tylose powder to it. I then roll out the desired color for each part of the  puzzle whether it’s Dora or Boots. Once, all the pieces of my puzzle is cut out I then glue all the piece’s of Dora together and all the pieces Boots together.

I have cookie cutters to cut out all sizes of stars, flowers, and letters for the cake. I used decorating dough for the stars, flowers, and letters.  I got all the small and large stars cut out with the cookie cutters. I added a small amount of the glitter dust to a dishand then I add some clear vanilla to the it as welll.  I stir up the contents of the dish until mixed well. I then brushed it on some of the stars on the cake.  Finally, I cut out Happy Birthday and the little girl’s name. I let everything sit out to dry.

Now I start baking cake the cake the day before the Mom is to pick up cake. After getting the cake in the oven, I start to make make the buttercream and just enough to make fondant stick to cake. Some people don’t use buttercream,  they will brush the cake with a small amount of water and the use smoother to smooth out the fondant on the cake.  After the cake is cooled, then i start frosting the cake with buttercream. I put the cake in the fridge over night.

Now I add the fondant to the cake. Once I have covered all the cake and cut off excess fondant with pizza cutter or sharp knife, then I add dowels to each layer that has to hold a layer of cake.  Now, I have all the dowels in for the layers, I will add a small amount of buttercream to each layer that has to hold up another cake. The buttercream helps it stick together.  Now all the cakes are stacked.  I take  dowel and hammer the dowell that has been cut to about 9″ which is the size of all three layers of cake. I hammer the dowel through each layer. I use a hammer because  the hammer will help it get  through the cake board.

Finally we get to start adding the decorations to the cake. I had 3 stars that were on wire. I add floral tape to the ends of the wire just enough so that when I add the stars to the cake the wire isn’t touchig the cake. Anything wire that is touching the cake is not edible.  I’m not sure why but know wire can’t touch the cake or the any thing you use to make the decorations with is not edible.. I glue the decorations can be glued on with a number of edible glues. You can use buttercream,  royal icing or a little Tylose powder with water added to it. I glue qll my decorations on to the cake. Then I add the leters to the star on the middle tier. I was able to have Happy Birthday to  go around the cake because the letters where on the stars so I added  her name on the top od the bottom layer.

Everything with this cake was easy and no trouble at all. I enjoyed this cake and didn’t stress about it. I have a football cake to tell you about next. This football cake is all buttercream icing.

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