How to make marshmallow fondant and gum paste using Tylose Powder

Today I’m tell you how to make marshmallow fondant.  I know I told you I was MMF oing to tell you how to make the Dora cake but I thought today would be a good day to tell you how to make marshmallow fondant. You will need the following item to make the marshmallow fondant:

16 oz bag Marshmallows
2 lb bag od Powder Sugar
2 Tbl spoons  of cear vanilla
2 Tbl spoons of water
Vegetable oil spray
A microwave dish big enough for all the marshmallows
A spoon to help mix ingredients in the beginning

You will need to spray the bowl and spoon this will make it easier to clean. Add the marshmallows to bowl,  add the water and vanilla. You don’t have to add clear vanilla if your going to color the fondant or you don’t need a true white fondant. Now you will place the bowl in microwave. Microwave for 1 minute take out stir the marshmallows and place bowl in microwave and then microwave for 30 sec. You will microwave and stir until all marshmallows are melted. The time to melt marshmallows may vary from one microwave to another. 

Now that the marshmallows are meted you will add the powder sugar a little at a time in the bowl of marshmallows. Some recipes will tell you to put powder sugar to a greased counter top or table. Why dirty up a a table or counter too when you don’t need to. You will stir with a sppon at first. I use wooden spoon. When the marshmallows and powder sugar start looking like a douh then you will need to cover hands with shortening.  Then add more powder sugar to bowl and kneed the sugar into the marshmallow fondant. You may not use all the powder sugar but you will need until not sticky. You will need t to add shortening to your hands, then rub the fondant with the shortening and wrap fondant in shortening.  When you cover the fondant in shortening,  it will keep  the fondant from sticking to the fondant.  I find that if I kneed the fondant with shortening that it helps keep it from being sticky. If you fondant is hard when you need to use it, you can microwave w few seconds or if not real hard you can keep kneading the fondant with shortening it will become more pliable.  If you have never used fondant, I suggest that you buy a box of fondant and get the feel of the fondant.  This will help you get a better idea of how the fondant is suppose to be.

I remember the first time I ever made fondant.  It wasn’t very good. I didn’t know how the fondant was suppose to be like. I added the entire bag of fondant, but thet recipe I was going by told me to add the entire bag of  powder sugar.  They didn’t say that you have to into consideration what the humidity is each day. You can put more in the marshmallows one day and less the next day. My fondant ended up rock hard. There was no way to make the fondant pliable.  I threw it away and I decided to go buy a box of fondant. Every since I bought that box of fondant, I have made good fondant.  No more rock hard fondant.

I also want to let you know that you can use fondant to make items to decorate your cakes. You can add tylose powder to your fondant to make it hard. This is become hard enough for your Dora, Flowers,  or Mickey mouse. It works really well.  I’ve gotten Tylose powder at a small local business called Sugar Bakers for $6. Ive bought 2 jars since I’ve started selling cakes. 

Thank you for taking time to read my blog. I do hope you enjoy reading my blog. I found out today that my Hair Stylist. She was in a deadly accident this past Saturday.  She was not just my Hair Stylist.  She was a dear friend of mine. I would like to ask you to pray for her family especially her 12 year old son that she left behind. He will need all the prayers he can get.  Thanks for all your prayers!

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