Grandma’s Cookies

Leslie Ann’s – Grandma’s Cookies

I love to be in the kitchen with my kids and grandkids whether it’s baking or cooking. I’m going to be honest I love baking more than cooking as if you didn’t already know. I use to bake cookies in the kitchen with my children when they were younger.

I hope you will spread the love with your kids and grandkids by sharing this Leslie Ann’s Grandma’s cookies recipe.

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There is so much LOVE in cooking and baking.
Let’s  be intentional about FOCUSING on LOVE…….
To do this we need to do 2 things:
First, We must  LOOK for LOVE in our own lives
Second, we must  SHARE LOVE WITH OTHERS  🙂
As you read this recipe ask yourself these questions:
Who can I bake this recipe for?
Who can I show LOVE to this week?


Here is a wonderful memory and recipe I found on:

Bethani graciously gave me permission to share her cookie recipe 🙂


Bethani’s memories and recipe:

I only have one grandparent left, and that is my Grandma K. She is the picture board of vibrant, brilliant, funny, beautiful, and loving! I have SO many amazing memories of her from our independent film movie dates, LONG talks over dinner, laughing attacks as we discuss guys…

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