Tom and Jerry Cake: Tom is cake covered in fondant and Jerry is made with decorating dough (it’s similar to modeling chocolate)

I made this Tom and Jerry cake a couple a weeks ago. I have to say that this is my favorite so far. I’m actually happier with Tom than Jerry. I just feel I could have done way better with Jerry.  I think that I made the mouth and cheeks too big. The young lady that bought the cake was very pleased with the cake and I guess that’s all that matters.  I’m harder on myself than anyone esle.

Tom was easy to make. I bought these cake pans off the TV years ago. It was a set of pans. It has a couple different round pans and this one that you put on top of one of the round pans to make a whole in the middle
for ice cream. I have seen on the Internet where people would cut out the middle of the caake to add candy to the cake. With this pan, I could add candy.  Anyway,  I used one of the round pans to make Tom’s head. After he cooled, I put a crumb coat of buttercream to his head, then covered his head with fondant.  For is mouth and his cheeks I she fondant.  I rolled the fondant and pulled corners to make it look like his check. I rolled a little more of fondant for his lip.

Jerry was a little harder to do because he his so small. I used Decorating Dough.  It’s really easy to use. Decorating dough is smooth and it’s easy to shape it into whatever you want to do with it.  I like it better than the gum past, just because I it’s much smoother than the gum paste.  It doesn’t harden as hard as the gum paste but you can put Tylose powder in it. You ill just use a tiny bit of powder in it.

Like I said earlier I feel Tom and Jerry is by far the best cake I’ve done. I am surprised how it turned out.  Tom was the eaies cake I’ve made.  When I have time I will try to make Jerry again  and hopefully he will turn out better. I hope you have enjoyed my blog. Thank you for taking time to read my blog. I hope you have a blessed day! 



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