Recipe for Red Velvet Cake

Recipe for Red Velvet Cake. I wanted to share this recipe for the red velvet cake that zakiawBlog shared. It looks really good and I plan to try this cake recipe.

Thereare some peolw out there that don’t want to try a red velvet cake because it has vinegar, but let me tell you that there is very little vineger in the recipe that you can’t taste the the vineger.

I have been looking to see if there were other red velvet recipes and I stumbled on the history of the red velvet cake. I thought it was interesting to read about the red velvet cake. I have provided a couple of links below on the history of Red Velvet Cake. I hope you will also enjoy the history of the red velvet cake and enjoy the recipe that my fellow blogger has provided.

There are different stories on how and where the red velvet cake originatredin New York Waldrof-Astoria Hotel. The story is that a woman dinning in the Waldrof-Astoris Hotel had order a slice of cake for desert. Some say she asked for the recipe before leaving, and the kitchen provided the recipe. After, receiving a bill from the Waldrof-Astoris Hotel for $100 up to $300 (The ammounts vary, according to which story you read) for the recipe.They say she became outrage and decided to get revenge by handing out the recipe via a chain letter.

During the World War ll, food had to be rationed. Baker’s added Beet juice to make there cakes red. Beets were in some of the recipes. Beets retaind moisture which helps make the cake moist. During this great depression, Adams Extract was the first company to make red food coloring and  and flavor. Adams Extract provided a point of sales poster and tear off cards with the red velvet cake recipe to help promote the food color and flavorings.I hope you enjoyed the story about the red vevket cake.

I’m going to be working on my son and his girlfriends baby shower cake this week end. I’m going to prepaid the baby bottom, work on the bow I’m putting on top, and the cut outs I will put on the gift box. I will probably wait to make gum paste tissue paper the day I put cake together which will be the day before the baby shower that way it has time to dry.

I want to thanlk everyone for stopping by and for following me. I hope everyone has a blessed day.

History of Red Velvet

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