Modeling Chocolate

My son and his girlfriend are having a baby boy. He is due in June. I’m planning a baby shower for them. I’m making the cake for them and I havemtil May 2nd to get it done.

I’m making a cake that looks like a gift box. There will be a babies botoom and legs standing next to the gift box. It will look like the baby is leaning into the gift box.

I’m going to make the gift box light blue with rocking horse, onesie, and baby carriage as decoration on the gift box or put an impression of a big star and then in the middle of the star put red or yellow small star in middle of big star. I believe I’ll make the ribbons and bow dark blue and red. I thought about yellow but I think red will be better.  I’m going to put red shorts on the baby. I’m going to put rattle and shoes on the board in front of the gift box.

I went to the store the other day and I bought some supplies to start making the legs, bottom, and Shoes and rattle. I haven’t used modeling chocolate before now. I’ve never used modeling chocolate before and it is awesome. I Love it. I want to let you all know that the modeling chocolate is 6ozs. It don’t look like a lot but when you start kneading, it will be a lot more than it appears to be in the pack before you open it.

I rolled the 6oz pack of modeling chocolate into a cylinder then I bend the bottom to make the foot. I shape the foot the I push the middle on to the foot. To make it curve to make a knee. I put a dowel in the middle of the legs so when I make the bottom I can push legs into the bottom. I’ll put dowels in the back of the bottom so I can attach it to the cake.

Here are the feet I made Saturday May 18, 2015.


I’m pretty happy with them. I will post every part of the cake as I do it. I will also so you the finished product.

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  1. Janet Monk
    Apr 21, 2015 @ 22:08:21

    Those are so cute!

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